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About Tomiko's Little Farm

This is the family Tomita farm in Aichi prefecture, Japan. We come from a long line of farmers since the Meji era (1800s) and we are now the 5th generation.

At a time when so many farm lands have disappeared in our area as the Aichi prefecture welcomes more companies to establish manufacturing plants. We decided to leave the Tokyo city life behind us and return back to the family’s farm. We started Tomiko's Little Farm because we believe that small farms and community farms have a lot to offer and will remain an integral part of our society for future generations. We want our farm to be around for future generations. This is a way for our children and their children to be connected to their ancestry.

We hope to use the knowledge passed down and combine with new and efficient farming methods to create a sustainable farm for our children and the community. In doing so inspire the next generations to return to farm, adopt sustainable farming practice and encourage people to support their local and community farmers. 

Our main produce consists of Japanese pears (Nashi) and rice. Depending on the season, we do have other produce such as Tangerines (mikan), Shine Muscat grapes. Occasionally, we have other produce in small quantities for family and friends. 

We may be a small farm in a small part of Japan, but we have a big heart and a big dream. Most importantly, there is always music and laugher while working our land.

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